About the Rock ‘n Road Challenge

The Rock ‘n Road Challenge concept is simple…. to provide the ultimate mountain and road cycling endeavor designed to challenge mountain bike and road cyclists of all levels with two days of epic rides:

  • The “Rock” is a teeth gritting, nail biting, lung busting, cross country mountain bike race. The routes twists and turns up and down through the Copper Mountain Resort trail system only to return the base area to have to run “the Gauntlet” where  added extreme XC based elements tactfully laid out on the village streets will challenge even the best of the technical riders.
  • The “Road”  is a classic Gran Fondo style road ride taking cyclists from a mere starting elevation of 9,600 ft to well over a rewarding 11,000 ft highpoint for riders of all levels to challenge themselves with. Being a Gran Fondo, rider will have the option of riding for time or simply riding for fun.

Ride one or ride both but don’t miss out on the adventure!

As Much Fun Off The Bike As On!!!
The Rock ‘n Road Challenge is much more than just riding though.  It is an experience, an atmosphere, a PARTY.  Start off the weekend with the pre-ride party Friday evening and set the tone for a weekend you’ll never forget!